10 Tips for Keeping a Clean Home

Magical Mama Blog 10 Tips for Keeping a Clean Home


I adore cleaning.  I know… Who am I?  Where did I come from?  Who did this to me?

I am well aware that there are few people out there who hear, “it’s time to clean” and spring into action.  However, I know there are tons of people who have that ahhh moment when they sit down at the end of the day, look around, and see a sparkling home.

Cherry on top – when you climb into bed with those fresh sheets and your room isn’t corroded with piles of laundry and dust bunnies.

I hope that these tips will give you that ahhh moment at the end of every day!

1 Make your bed – daily

Yes, it sucks.  When I first hear my baby stirring at 5:55am on the dot every morning, my first thought is far from, “tuck these sheets… arrange these pillows”.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. Get all the pillows in their designated area, pull up the sheets and blankets to the top, give the comforter a whip and you’re done.

We all know that feeling when you have company over and your bedroom door is left open and… they’ve seen it.  They’ve seen that pile of twisted sheets.  It’s like they know all of your deepest, darkest secrets.

30 seconds at the beginning of your day will give you a great sense of pride at the end of your day.
30 seconds!

2 Load of laundry – daily

Laundry!  Lame!  As soon as you get home from work (or at a convenient time if you’re one of the lucky stay-at-home types), throw a load in the washer.  As soon as it’s done, throw it in the dryer.

If your laundry is hidden away somewhere that you can’t hear it, set an alarm on your phone so you can switch it and don’t get mildew!  When it’s all done, get it put away as soon as possible!  Make it a habit!

Doing one load a day, instead of wasting an entire day laundering and putting away every article of clothing everyone owns, will save you a lot of pain.

Bonus: You can knock out other tasks while the laundry is being done in the background!

3 Wash your dishes as you cook – daily

This sounds weird at first, but this trick has changed my life.  As you are cooking or baking, put ingredients away as you are done with them.  Do the same for your dishes.

Done mixing ingredients with that bowl? In the sink.  Done with those measuring cups? Done cutting with that knife?  In the sink.  As things are simmering or baking, wash what is in the sink to make room for what is coming.

Have a dishwasher?  Rinse and load as you go.  Waiting until you are done eating and returning to a sink full of junk makes it harder to find a starting point.  Walking back into the kitchen to see pots, pans, and spoons all over the place kills your motivation.

Get it in the sink and get it done as you go!

4 Counter wipe down – daily

There’s nothing like the glimmer of a squeaky clean kitchen or bathroom counter.  Get into this habit right before bed time.

After dinner and dessert has been washed and put away, give those kitchen counters a wipe down to pick up all the crumbs and invisible spills.  You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

After getting ready for bed at night, wipe down those bathroom counters to avoid water spots and stains.  Get your kiddos into the habit as well so they can keep their bathroom clean…at least… somewhat clean.

5 Sweep – daily

Have an entire house of hard woods?  Don’t roll your eyes just yet!  Pick a room or two per day and try to always get the kitchen.

I, personally, have a 55 pound English Bulldog and a 100 pound Bloodhound who shed like crazy.  Their hair is all over the place.  I also have a crawling baby who puts everything in her mouth so floors are a constant struggle.

Even if you don’t have pets or kids, one of the least attractive things to see as a guest in someone’s house is a pile of who-knows-what along all of the baseboards and under the lip of the kitchen cabinets.

The real inspiration pushing you to do this should be that lovely feeling when you can walk your entire house barefoot and keep your feet clean.

6 Change bed linens & towels – weekly

What’s better than getting out of the shower and wrapping yourself into a fresh, fluffy towel?  Or getting into cozy warm sheets at night?

Pick a day to have this be on the laundry list.  Perhaps the day the trash gets picked up so you can get it into a routine.

Nothing kills the joy of life faster than stinky towels and beds.  You’ll feel fabulous and your house will smell like it’s been hung out on a clothesline in the meadow breeze.

7 Dust – weekly

One of those days while the laundry is running, get out your Swiffer dusters or rags and pledge and go to town throughout your home.  Destroy the allergens and dust bunnies.

Always start at the top and work your way down.  Don’t forget those fan blades and vent covers!

Not only will things literally sparkle after they’ve been rid of the film of that nasty gray dust that comes from who knows where, the air quality in your home will be crystal clear!

8 Vacuum & mop – weekly

Daily laundry going? Check.  You have about an hour and a half to get other things done while that is running.

Mop the kitchen and bathroom floors.  Vacuum those carpets and rugs. If you have a house full of hardwoods or carpet, consider splitting the house in half and doing some rooms one day and the rest the next day.

With my shedding dogs, sticker bushes, a huge dirt field behind our home, and a mostly carpeted house, I try to vacuum at least twice a week making sure to go over the high traffic areas two or three times.

It is amazing to me how much gets sucked up by the vacuum no matter how many times you go over the same area.

9 Wipe down cupboards & mirrors – weekly

Nothing is nastier than reaching for that cupboard above the stove and getting your hand covered in greasy residue.  Wiping down the cabinets in your kitchen and bathrooms regularly will keep dust, dirt, food and grime from really building up.

Might as well get those backsplashes while you’re there.  Those can disguise some nasty build up surprisingly well.

Get those mirrors spit shined so that they can show off your sparkling clean house!

Use your daily laundry time to get your vertical surfaces wiped down.  Don’t wait until spring cleaning to get to these.

10 Bathroom scrub down – weekly

No one wants to walk into a bathroom to see cloudy shower doors, mildew shower curtains, lime ridden faucets and rings in the toilet.  Keep your bathrooms looking and smelling fresh and clean!

The fresh towels by the shower and on the hand racks won’t stand a chance against a bathroom that smells like a fishbowl.

Make it easy for yourself.  Grab a scrubber with a mixture of vinegar and dish soap and scrub down the tub, shower and sinks quickly.  They will be sparkling and vinegar (though it smells quite strong itself) is a deodorizer that will remove some nasty smells into thin air.

Wipe down that toilet!  I know, toilets, nasty!  Check out my blog on how to get rid of that nasty toilet ring!  Have sparkling tubs and bowls.

Bathrooms are where we go to get clean.  You won’t feel very clean if you’re in a dirty bathroom!

And there you have it!

If you can get that bed in order in the morning, keep the kitchen tidy as you go and get that load of laundry in daily, you can squeeze a weekly task in every day or two and your house should remain in order!

I know it’s hard to get into the habit of boring chores, so make yourself a list.
Write it down!  You are 42% more likely to do something if you write it down… not type… but write!
Keep the list up on the fridge or somewhere you will be seeing it often.

If your home needs a scent boost, check out 21 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Great!

Good luck and happy house cleaning, mamas!


Magical Mama Blog 10 Tips for Keeping a Clean Home Magical Mama Blog 10 Tips for Keeping a Clean Home

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  1. Thank you! Yes it is! There’s no way to get absolutely everything done every day. I’ll gladly take some extra snuggle time with my little one before putting laundry away!

  2. Great tips Sara. Completely agree with making the bed daily. My mom used to always say that if you start the day my making your bed, all of your work would be successful and it kind of stuck with me until now. Good habit to have, right? 🙂

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