10 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Magical Mama Blog 10 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas


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10 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Please, oh please, do not be one of the people who shows up with 8 Newborn size outfits that weren’t on the registry.  People register for a reason.

Having a baby in itself is expensive as all get out so registering for what you need is a huge help in a black hole of financial burden.

The parents-to-be took the time to pick out specifically what they want and need for their new little bundle of joy and registries and showers are there to have friends and family give them a leg up as they adjust to their new lives.

So, getting them at least one thing from their registry that you can guarantee they need is always a wonderful gesture.

However, I love being creative and unique and getting a little surprise for them on top of what they need.  If you made your Christmas list and opened every single gift on your list, sure, you’d be happy…but where’s the fun?

(On another note, we all know those people who get a little hoity-toity with their registries and we can’t quite afford to spend an entire paycheck on a single item on their list.  In these moments, I definitely understand going in your own direction in order to afford giving to your friends.  Why not get a little creative?)


Baby Bum Brush

Few people register for this but everyone should!  It has saved me so much money!  Every time I applied diaper rash cream on my baby, half of it ended up on my hands and I felt like I was taking more off of her than I was putting on her.

This thing keeps your hands clean, allows you to apply half the amount of cream you were before but gives you serious coverage.  If I ever lose mine, I’ll be miserable…then will promptly go online and order another.


Onesie Extenders

Something most people don’t know about! This allows you to extend the life of your baby’s wardrobe.  Gives you an extra few inches between snaps on onesies.

As I mentioned before, even if you don’t register for a single NB sized article of clothing, that will be the bulk of what you end up with…I get it…it’s so small and cute.

But some babies go right past the NB size to 0-3 or 3M clothing and you never get to see your little one in half of what is in her closet.  These things are awesome!


Door Muffler

I baffle people with this at every shower I go to.  They usually hold it up and look at me the way they look at Grandma on Christmas when they have no idea what they just unwrapped but feel the need to be grateful for…whatever it is.

This little piece of magic wraps around the handles of your baby’s room door.  This means you can close the door without worrying about the click or slam of the door in the frame that starts the crying every time.

Take the stress out of leaving their room after you have finally gotten them to sleep.  Ten thumbs up!

Book (with a personalized message)

There is a huge trend out there now to bring books instead of cards to showers so that a baby has the beginnings of a library.  Don’t think that you’re limited to baby books!

Yes, cardboard books or crunchy books will be used, no doubt!

BUT how would you like to be the friend that has written a personal message inside of a Harry Potter cover?  Or Narnia?

They now have a personal message from you for years down the line when they are comprehending books and will give you a conversation topic when the kid is older other than, “How’s school?”

Organizational Wrapping

Babies come with a lot of accessories. A LOT.

Instead of getting the cute teddy bear bag at the store and wasting tissue paper, put your gift(s) in a laundry basket or bin that can be used for storage!

There are never enough boxes, bins, and baskets for baby stuff.  Target has those square canvas bins in every color.  You can get one to match the baby’s decor, put your other gifts inside of it.

Now you have a uniquely presented gift AND every single piece of it will be used.  No wrapping paper in the trash!

Big Kid Toy

True, the baby won’t be using the miniature shopping cart or push car for about a year, but you can use this as a big ticket item by throwing a bow on it OR you can put other smaller gifts inside of it.

Now, there is no trash coming along with your gift (gift bag, wrapping paper, tissue paper) and mom and dad will be thinking of you when baby is taking their first steps and get to finally use this precious gift…that they don’t have to run out to the store to get!

Travel Size Baby Care Items

When you have a baby, people no longer care about seeing you.  However, they are crazed about you bringing the baby for a visit.  This is especially handy for people with family out of town or out of state.

If you’re going to be making a plane trip to mom’s house for a week, would you want to be bringing a half empty bottle of baby bath wash, a huge tub of diaper rash cream, a full bottle of baby lotion, medication?  Or would you rather buy all new supplies once you get there and then have whatever you don’t use go to waste?

How ’bout neither? There are precious mini bottles of all of these products. Little Remedies also makes a sample kit with miniature versions of their gas drops, gripe water, saline drops and more.

Do you have some designated travel toiletries for when you’re away from home?  Why can’t baby?

Personalized Items

Want something that no one else will be bringing… guaranteed?  Personalize a normal item to make it unique.

If you have a sewing machine and basic sewing skills, Add some fun fabric to a pack of boring burp cloths or add lace to the collar of a pack of plain onesies. and BAM you have a one of a kind gift.

Not crafty?  There are people on Etsy who are and will sell these exact things and people who can embroider a baby blanket or screen print initials on an outfit.

Inexpensive options for one of a kind?  Sign me up!

Something for Mom & Dad

Mom and Dad are often forgotten in baby showers.

Get them a gift card to get a night out after baby is born and volunteer to baby sit so they can use it!

Is Mom your Wine Wednesday friend?  Get her a personalized “Mom” wine glass and a bottle of her favorite to be enjoyed soon.

Are you really close with mom?  Make her a post-partum peri-care basket with Padsicles and all she’ll need to be somewhat comfortable after baby arrives.  She will appreciate it.

Big Clothes

After swimming through a sea of NB clothing, every time the baby grows into the next size up, there are usually less and less options for them to wear from what is gifted to them.

The last thing Mom and Dad are going to want to do when the baby goes from 6M to 9M overnight is have a naked baby and have to go out to the store and buy and entire wardrobe.

Help them out for later down the line.  Get 9M, 12M, even 2T clothing.

After a baby shower, usually the baby’s clothes are overflowing from the dresser and closet.  But look at it on their first birthday and they have outgrown absolutely everything.

All in all, you were invited to the baby shower for a reason.  You obviously know Mom and/or Dad pretty well.

Think about them when trying to create something unique and memorable.  (You’ll want it to be memorable…they can barely keep track of all the gifts constantly flowing in)

Are you and one of the parents to be obsessed with something?  Tie it in.  That will give them a special connection with you and the gift…and then baby gets to join in on the love fest!

Happy shopping and get creative!

Magical Mama Blog 10 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas


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