15 Amazon Products All First Time Parents Need

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15 Amazon Products All First Time Parents Need


  • Subscribe & Save Diapers!!!!

Oh my goodness!  This has changed my life! We had a diaper shower and filled an entire closet up with diapers…that barely lasted a few months!

I did research on the average of how many diapers you would need of each size until your child is potty trained and registered for those ball park numbers and we didn’t get anywhere near what we needed.

This program has saved my sanity!  I haven’t had to go to the store for diapers or even have them on my grocery list.  An entire month’s supply comes straight to my door automatically!

I can go in at any point and move around my delivery dates or change the sizes or number of boxes we need!

On top of your peace of mind in not having to think about diapers, subscribing saves you money!  And as first time parents, you’re going to want to save as much money as you can while you adjust to financing an additional human being in your home!

I cannot say enough good things about this program!

Check it out on Amazon right now!

  • Nose Frida

I’m so sorry if you’re grossed out by this, but it dances circles around bulb syringes!

There was a night my baby couldn’t sleep because she could barely breathe and was so uncomfortable.  I was trying to suck my poor baby’s snot-filled nose with a bulb syringe while she screamed.

The next morning, after basically no sleep, I decided to get over it and get this thing that every one was raving about and BOY was I happy I did!

I wish I would have registered for this! If I could have had this from day one, I could have saved myself a lot of sleep.

Don’t worry, it’s basically impossible to suck the snot into your mouth.  Everything gets trapped in the base.  Even if it doesn’t, it would have to travel through a long tube and go through the filter before getting to the mouth piece. You’re safe.

It’s easy to clean and has come in handy on so many occasions, I can’t even count and my baby is only 9 months old!

  • Baby Bum Brush

In the prehistoric days of applying rash cream with your bare hands, you always seemed to end up with more cream on your hands and under your nails than on your baby’s bum.

So now you’re slimy, baby’s rash is no better off, and you’ve wasted more than half the cream on your hands that you now have to go wash off.  I don’t know if you’ve looked lately, but diaper rash cream is expensive!

This is a game changer in the diapering game! Babies pee a lot and they’re stuck with constant moist friction on their sensitive skin. There’s no way you’re going to be physically able to change them so often that they avoid diaper rash.  It’s going to happen.  Make it easier on yourself.

This magical invention will save you money and sanity.  Simply get a dab on your brush, slather onto your baby, wipe the brush with a baby wipe, the end!  No cream on you, baby’s bum is happy, and no waste!

  • Onesie Extenders

Your baby will change sizes overnight…literally.  They will be wearing one size when you put them to bed and when you put on their onesie in the morning, suddenly they’re a stuffed sausage and you can’t snap them in.

In the instances that they haven’t been able to show off the cute outfit their aunt got for them, you aren’t ready to accept the fact that you spent money on something and they only wore it once, you don’t have something in the next size ready to go, or your baby has a monster of a torso, these little beauties are amazing!

You simply get to add about an extra 3 inches of room for their shoulders and legs to breathe.

  • Little Remedies Kit

Thank you, Little Remedies, for giving me the ability to make the screaming stop!

All the books will tell you: when your baby is crying, check that they have been fed, burped and changed…well, book, what now?

So many times, you get to play a guessing game with no answers.  Your baby could be having tummy troubles, digestion issues, or breathing trouble that no amount of food, burping, or diaper changing will fix.

The gas drops work wonders for baby tummy bubbles and they work quick! Gripe water will make hiccups, colic and gas disappear.  I have seen the Nasal Drops perform actual magic by transforming 2 nostrils that were completely crusted close to moist, clear passages!

Save yourself the sleep and make your little one comfortable!

  • Pack n play

Whatever genius took the old portable play pen and turned it into this all-in-one miracle is a genius and I hope they get lots and lots of money!

It has a changing table, bouncy seat, pocket caddy, noise maker/night light, bassinet, and pack-n-play.

We had it set to the bassinet level with the changing table on it in our room.  We had our little one near by for late night feedings.  When she woke up, we were able to change her without taking a single step because the changing table was next to where she was sleeping and the pocket caddy had diapers, wipes, and everything we needed in it.

I’m pretty sure our baby lived in that bouncy seat if she wasn’t being held.  It vibrates and kept her nice and cozy at a slight angle to avoid digestion issues.

It’s the swiss army knife of baby products.  Register for it now!

  • Rocker

Didn’t you say products on Amazon?  I sure did! Furniture delivered right to you!

I know some people think they’ll be fine with a regular chair or additional bed in the nursery to feed and hang out with baby in the middle of the night…treat yo self!

We had ours in our room the first 3 months then moved it into her room and it has become a staple in our bedtime routine.  That rocking for her, that lounging for us, and the peace for all!

  • Swing

We’re squeezing every last minute out of our swing! Our chunky monkey could be bending the metal any time now.

If she kept everyone up all night long screaming, we would put her in this and all was well in the world.  At 9 months, we can still put her in it and she’s out in a matter of minutes.

Your arms and your back will thank you for this addition!  When you can’t stand the walking, bouncing and rocking, let the swing do it for you and give yourself a break.

  • Hello Baby Monitor

I can’t give a good enough review for this monitor!  It has color picture and infrared so you can see just as clearly when the lights are out. You can make the camera go close up to make sure your baby is breathing without having to get up.  There is a microphone so you can talk to your little one and comfort them…or tell them to lay down for the fortieth time.

There’s an indicator for the temperature of the baby’s room!  This was a huge help!  If my baby’s room was below 70 or above 78, she would wake up.  Now, I check at bed time and know how much we need to change the thermostat or the vent in her room to make sure we all have a peaceful night.

The receiver is a great size and I attached it vertically with some 3M hooks to our nightstand so we can always see it when we hear her making noise in the middle of the night.  It also has great battery power and a little kickstand so you can watch your little one during nap time!

  • Boppy

Weather you’re breast feeding or bottle feeding, this pillow will pay for itself 10 times over!

It gives your arms, back, and neck a huge break when you hold them so you can relax.  It is great for little ones starting tummy time.  Mine hated being on her stomach and having her head down.  The Boppy was her tummy time buddy for months!

You can prop them up to give them a new view, relieve tummy trouble, keep them in one place, and work on some core and neck strength.

It is the perfect support for when your little one is trying to figure out how to use their muscles to sit up on their own.  It gave me peace of mind when my daughter enjoyed straightening her legs and hurling her head backwards.  That Boppy saved us from a lot of bumps, bruises, and crying.

Be sure to grab a waterproof cover for those projectile vomit or projectile…anything else incidents.  Then dive into the thousands of covers you can get!

  • Cool Steam Humidifier

Not for the sick adults!  For the happy babies! Humidifiers protect against dry air.  They are especially important in the winter months when you have on heaters which pull moisture from the air.

Babies are prone to runny noses, coughs, and cold symptoms.  Keeping the air in their room moist makes for the best breathing conditions which keeps them comfortable and reduces the risk of them getting sick.

It protects your baby’s sensitive skin from become dry and itchy and retains its natural moisture.

On top of the health benefits, it’s practically a white noise maker in itself!

  • Velcro Swaddlers

All the time you spent working on swaddling in class?  Put it to good use. But as soon as your baby is big enough, get them in a velcro swaddler!

No matter what type of blankets and hacks you’re using, your baby will figure out how to worm an arm out or snuggle in and have blankets around their face.  With velcro swaddlers, there’s no escaping AND when it’s 4 o’clock in the morning and you’re changing your 10 diaper for the evening, you don’t have to think or wrestle with your baby to get the blankets tucked in just so.

Once my little one was out of preemie sized clothes, I put her in one and never turned back to those dastardly blankets! In the middle of the night, we’d slip her out, change her, slip her right back in, feed and burp her while she was swaddled and laid her right back down.  Easy peasy!

  • Bath Thermometer

I don’t know about y’all, but I like my showers scalding hot.  When it comes time to run the baby a bath, the books say to dunk your elbow in…when I checked the temperature of what I thought felt appropriate, I could have scorched my little one.

These devices have given me so much peace of mind. The screen turns blue if it’s too cold, red if it’s too hot, and green for when it’s just right for the baby bear.

Pro Tip: Be sure to let it dry with its sensor side up so that the screen doesn’t go out.

Check out how to clean and sanitize your baby’s bath toys!

  • Play Gym

My baby lived on hers for the first 4 months of her life.  She gazed at the hanging toys, played the piano with her feet, napped, did tummy time, and learned how to roll over on this mat.

The great thing about this one is that you can de-tatch the piano once they outgrow the mat and they can continue to play the familiar tunes.

  • Delicate Laundry bags

If you do not already have these in your home, get them, get them now!

I have a small bag hanging on the side of baby’s laundry basket.  This is where I throw all of her itty bitty baby socks.  When I pull it out of the dryer, not one sock is missing… EVER!

I have a medium bag in our bathroom for her washcloths and sponges from her bath time.  Once her laundry is done, I can return the whole bag back to our bathroom without having to sort!

I have a large bag hanging on the back of the chair that her highchair sits on.  This is where I throw her bibs and wash cloths after meal time.  The velcro from the bibs doesn’t get stuck on any of her other clothes and when laundry is done, I can fold her eating laundry right in the kitchen and put it back in her kitchen cabinet with..NO sorting!

These come in handy when you are away on a trip.  You have portable laundry bags!  No wondering what is clean and what is dirty!

Bonus: If your kiddo loves Legos (or other small plastic toys that are after your feet with a vengeance), you can throw them into a bag and then into the sink with some hot water and vinegar to give them a good cleaning and disinfecting.  If you throw them in here, hundreds of little plastic pieces stay together and don’t go down your sink drain!


And there you have it!  15 amazing products that you can have delivered straight to your door!

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

15 Amazon Products All First Time Parents NEED - Magical Mama Blog

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    1. I was so grossed out by it, but it has saved our whole family a lot of heart ache and a lot of sleep! I’m definitely a believer now!

  1. Hi Sara, Just stopping by to check out your blog. I just sent you a link to join my group board, Best Mom Blogs. I didn’t even know they made a baby bum brush.. much better then cream all over your hands! I look forward to seeing more of your posts. <3 Chanele

    1. Yay! I’m so glad! Thank you so much!
      Yes, the Baby Bum Brush is a magnificent invention! I hope to keep making quality posts like this!
      Thank you!

    1. Yes! I went into massive research about the average amount of time a baby is in each size and the average number of diapers they go through a day and nothing was even close to reality!

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