23 Products for the Germophobe Mom


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23 Products for the Germophobe Mom

By absolutely no means am I a germophobe mom, however, if my baby had spent months in the NICU or had a delicate immune system for any reason I’d be all about it!

No Germs On Board Sign

This sign easily attaches to your car seat handle.  It simply gives nosy strangers a big fat stop sign and gives friends and family a reminder to keep your little one safe without you having to tell them over and over.

Baby Hand and Face Wipes

These wipes are a gentle alternative to regular baby wipes or burp cloths that can grab germs off of baby and then be tossed into the trash!

Hand Mitts

Keep baby’s hands safe from germs while protecting their face and body from scratches from those little nails!

Disposable Place Mats

Throw one of these down while you’re out at a restaurant so baby can’t reach for the dirty table underneath.  Throw one down at home to protect your dining room table from becoming a baby food wasteland full of old food and germs.

Shopping Cart Cover

The first thing my baby does as soon as I put her in a shopping cart is open her mouth as wide as possible and try to get every inch of germ ridden metal in her mouth.  Cover the germs, give them some comfort and give yourself some peace of mind.

Sanitizing Wipes

These are great to throw into a diaper bag to wipe down a surface before baby’s hands go to town.  My favorite use for these is in your carry on bag to wipe down plane seat arm rests, windows, and tray tables.  How often are planes deep cleaned?  They are a jungle of germs in a pressurized cabin.

Toy Disinfectant Spray

When you haven’t had the time to clean their toys in a while, give them a spritz.  Throw in the diaper bag for on-the-go disinfecting power.  If your little one takes a toy to the park and throws it into a puddle or the dirt, give it a spritz and wipe down before you throw it in to infect everything else in the diaper bag.

Boogie Wipes

These saline wipes are meant for getting those slimy or crusty boogers off of faces, hands, bodies, and even out of noses.  Using regular baby wipes can cause rashes for babies with sensitive skin.

UV Light Sanitizer

If you have stuffed animals that are being drooled on and cannot be thrown in the washer or glasses that grubby little hands are trying to rip off of your head, throw them in for a UV light bath and prevent mildew and germs from spreading.  Bonus: You can throw your phone in here to get it disinfected!

Cell Phone UV Sterilizer

Specifically for your cell phone.  There have been studies that some cell phones have more germs on them than a public toilet seat.  This device charges your phone while it cleans.  You can also throw in your toothbrush or earphones.

Germs Are Not For Sharing Board Book

Educate the kiddos from day one about germs and get them into good hygiene habits.

Babby Bottle & Sippy Cup Cleaning Tablets

These are space savers!  If you’re going to be having a long travel day or you’re going to be out for an extended period of time without the essentials to clean your baby’s bottles, all you need is some tablets and a bit of water.  These are your on-the-go bottle brushes and soap.  Say you’re doing a weekend at Disney World.  Do you want to take 4 bottles with you for the day?  Or take one or two plus some tablets.  I wouldn’t trust the soap and water in public bathroom sinks to clean my baby’s eating supplies.

Laundry Sanitizer

If your child enjoys jumping into mud puddles, piles of leaves, rolls in the dirt, etc., this is for you!  Remove the germs from their clothing!

Sippy Cup Strap

Easily attach your sippy cup to the stroller, grocery cart, high chair, or diaper bag.  When baby is clumsy…or throws it out of spite, it won’t get anywhere near the ground.  Bonus: you don’t have to play fetch.

Wireless Wipes

Sanitize your cell phone, ipad, and kindle while you’re on the go.

Foldable Travel Potty Seat

Keep potty training on the go, or save your child from the public toilet seats with this handy-dandy device.

Mosquito Repellent Clip

If you have not been able to find a safe mosquito repellent lotion or spray or your child has sensitive skin, clip this on them and set them free.  Keep them safe from bug bites.

Natural Dish & Bottle Soap

Extra clean, toxic chemical free soap to clean you baby’s eating supplies.

Portable Hanging Changing Table

No changing pad will stop a child from rolling off or touching the lovely public bathroom counter or changing station.  This device allows you to change baby anywhere!  DADS can even take baby into a men’s room where it is very unlikely they will find a changing station to lay baby on.

Baby Bottle Bands

To label your baby’s bottle so there are no mix ups at day care.

Pacifier Clips

Never lose a pacifier again with these clips.  Baby can’t throw their pacifier into the abyss of the back seat, out of their stroller, onto the ground, under the couch.  The clips easily hook onto clothing, bibs, car seat restraints, etc.

What I love about these particular ones is that they are plastic. They are easy to clean, baby doesn’t get metal anywhere near their mouth, they don’t rust, and their grip stays stronger than the metal versions.

Pacifier Wipes

Steaming or washing pacifiers usually end in there being water trapped inside which can turn to mildew or mold…and your baby is now sucking on that.  If baby drops their bink while out and about, you can give it a wipe down and get it right back where it belongs.  You can also give all of their binks or bottle tops a general wipe down at the end of the day.

Key Chain Germ Utility Tool

This swiss army knife for germophobes!  Never again will you need to touch a public restroom door, stall door, toilet seat, flushing handle or button, soap dispenser, towel dispenser, trash can lid, gas station key pads, ATMs, drinking fountain buttons, crosswalk and elevator buttons…the possibilities are endless!

Simply wipe clean with a disinfectant wipe or spray and go on your way!

Pro Tip: When pulling or pushing on heavy doors, give it some extra support with your hand so it does not compromise the strength in the middle.


Now that you’ve eliminated germs, get to keeping your home clean, or doing a full sweep for Spring Cleaning!

23 Products for the Germophobe Mom  Magical Mama Blog

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