8 Things To Do With Lots of Links

Magical Mama Blog 8 Things to do with Lots of Links


8 Things To Do With Lots Of Links

Lots of Links or “link rings” or “linkies”…whatever you call them…are useful as all get out!  If you’re anything like me, I was thrilled to receive package after package of them when my little one was on the way.

I wanted to get Lots of Links, Stacking Cups, Stacking Rings, and Blocks…all of the essentials I had as a kid.  All the great toys that you can use your imagination with as opposed to the electronic junk that is dominating the toy market now.

I’ve noticed that a lot of parents let them disappear into toy boxes once they’re not using them on play gyms anymore, but they can be played with in a million new ways and they are incredibly useful!

  • Attach toys

Magical Mama Blog 8 Things to do with Lots of Links attach and hang toys in the car or crib

When baby is little, this really comes in handy.  Before baby is running around, picking up toys, you can hang toys from play gyms, pack and plays, and cribs for baby to swat at and reach for.

When baby is older, this comes in handy in the car!  You can make a chain of links from the head rest and attach toys, or attach them directly to the car seat.

My little girl is practically a toddler and I use them to attach toys in the car still because if she throws them, I can easily pick them up!

  • Make pull game

Magical Mama Blog 8 Things to do with Lots of Links Linkies Link Rings

Attach all the links into one long chain and place them in a bin of some kind.  Give baby one end and let them pull it out like one of those never ending scarf chains that magicians used to have.

Their faces light up as they grab and pull and their muscles and coordination get a good work out.

  • Make an instrument

Magical Mama Blog 8 Things to do with Lots of Links Linkies Link Chain Ring

Grab a big Tupperware container from your kitchen, throw a handful of links in, and seal up.

Let baby shake to their heart’s content!

  • Make a stacking game on a paper towel holder

Magical Mama Blog 8 Things to do with Lots of Links Linkies Link chain ring

If you have a freestanding paper towel holder in your kitchen, pull the paper towels off and show baby how to stack the links onto the rung.

If baby doesn’t quite have the coordination to stack yet, put the links on for them and let them pull them off.  Makes them just as happy!

  • Set in Jello for a dig

Magical Mama Blog 8 Things to do with Lots of Links Linkies Link Chains Jello Dig

Magical Mama Blog 8 things to do with lots of links linkies link chains jello dig

Prepare for a mess.  Make a batch of Jello in a big dish and throw some links in and around so some are poking out and some are floating inside.  Put in the fridge to set.

(I used a bit of washi tape in order to have some of the links stick out.  They will float flat on the top if you don’t, which is fine, I just wanted to give her a challenge to dig in there!)

Either set out a dollar store plastic table cloth or put them in the tub and have bath time right after.

Let baby tear through the jello to get to the links.  There will be a mess, but they will be immensely proud of themselves and you don’t have to worry about them eating their sensory play!

  • Make link drop bucket

Magical Mama Blog 8 Things to do with Lots of Links Linkies Link Chain

This is one of my daughter’s favorite toys.  She pulls it out at least 3 or 4 times a day.

I simply took a coffee canister once it was empty,

gave it a soak and a wash,

traced a big rectangle into the lid,

cut it out with an Xacto knife,

sanded it to make sure it was safe for little fingers

and we’ve played with it multiple times per day since then!

We call it the “putting away” game…I’m trying to pass on my love of cleaning to her at an early age!

She carries it around by the slot on top like it’s a purse!

  • Baby Proofing

Magical Mama Blog 8 Things to do with Lots of Links baby proofing linkies link rings

If you have handles on your cabinets, you can throw a link or two onto them and BAM!  They’re baby proofed!

  • Do a color sort

Magical Mama Blog 8 Things To Do With Lots of Links Linkies Link Chains Color Sort

When baby starts recognizing the different colors, you can place a colored piece of paper on the floor or get out some Tupperware out.  Show baby some samples of color matching and let them give it a try.

Once they’re good at it, it can be a busy activity to keep them amused while you do something else!


If baby gets sick, you’ll want to sanitize these links, check out my post on Toy Disinfectant Spray and Wash.


8 Things to Do with lots of links linky toys plastic chain toys - magical mama blog

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  1. I love all these ideas, especially the stacking idea as my early 1 year old loves to sit there and repeat putting things into boxes so i think he’d love this idea! my three year old would definitely enjoy the fishing for links in Jelly! #Globalblogging

    1. Thank you! Mine drops her links into her coffee can for hours every day. Why it makes her happy? I don’t know and don’t care!
      She loved the jello dig! It’s easy and costs less than a dollar for an absolute mess of fun!

  2. So many cute ideas! I used to have loads of those on hand to attach toys to everything from the stroller to the high chair.

    1. Thank you! They’re only a few dollars on Amazon and at the store! Grab a pack and get a ton of use out of them!

  3. Remember these with affection but mainly your post made me smile as talking about links not online links which so many bloggers have to obsess about today #ThursdayTeam

    1. Hahaha I was glad to talk about a different kind of link!
      I loved mine as a kid and couldn’t wait to get some for my little one!

  4. I love the jello/digging idea and I’ve never thought of using them for baby proofing what a great idea. Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub with this x

    1. That coffee canister has changed my life! They are always in that one place, and if we want to do something else with them, we pull them out for a while and put them right back!

    1. I adore a good color sort! Unfortunately, my little one will only identify anything purple because it’s the only word she can say, but we’re working on it and one of these days, we’ll get into those primary colors!

    1. Thank you! These were one of the few toys I remembered from childhood and adored, so I wanted to make sure my little one had plenty, then I discovered all of these great uses! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Oh what a great roundup of ideas for those links. I have to admit I think ours sat at the bottom of the toy box too. Next baby I am now loaded with ideas thanks for linking up to bumps and babies. #bumpsbabies

    1. Thank you! I wanted to make a jello dig with something that wouldn’t get dirty and these worked great! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Oh I love these link things. They are so versatile! I’ve never thought about using them for baby proofing before! That’s total genius. Thank you for joining #ThursdayTeam

    1. It is a mess, but it’s a blast! We put mine right in the tub to play so we can hose everything down and give her a bath once she’s done playing.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Really it such an informative post. I am also attaching some toys my baby play gym and she is enjoying this. By the way, thanks for sharing such a valuable post and Keep Posting!

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