Baby Safe Christmas Decor

Magical Mama Blog Baby Safe Christmas Decor

Baby Safe Christmas Decor

Thanksgiving has passed and it’s time to decorate for the holidays…but you have some mischievous hands that can bring chaos to your festive decor.

There are two obvious options:

  1. Don’t decorate and let little one go about crawling, walking, and tugging on everything (already baby proofed) in your home.
  2. Decorate away and pray your child doesn’t break any heirlooms or pull a 9 foot tree on top of themselves.

I’ll be walking you through magical option 3!

3.  Make your house as festive as possible while keeping your little one and your expensive decor in one piece!

magical mama blog cabinet ribbons bows christmas decor decoration ribbons bows baby proof toddler prood safe

  • Kitchen Upper Cabinet Ribbons & Bows

Fancy up your cabinets with some fun holiday ribbons and bows.  Baby can’t reach it and it’s a lovely way to brighten up the place your family gathers so often.

magical mama blog christmas decor decorations garland kitchen cabinets ornaments baby proof toddler safe

  • Garland Above Kitchen Cabinets or Mantel

Throw your fun garland on the top edge of your upper kitchen cabinets or along your mantel.

If you’re forgoing a tree all together this year, this is a great way to display some ornaments and still get the evergreen and lights showing.

magical mama blog christmas village decor decoration baby proof toddler safe

  • Re-locate Your Christmas Village

If you have been collecting these expensive and traditional villages over the years, the last thing you want is for a piece to break.

Our normal placement is too close for comfort, so we are opting to throw all of those curious cords, choking hazard mini people, and breakable buildings in another room where there will be no temptation, but we can still enjoy it!

Even if you’re able to get it up high, check that whatever it is on top of is sturdy.  If you can wiggle it, pieces can break!  Triple check!

magical mama blog christmas decor decorations baby safe toddler proof stocking hanging hung mantel mantle

  • Raise Stockings with Boxes

Grab some small boxes and put some cans of food in them or wrap a stack of books.  The last thing you need is for baby to just get their finger tips on the end of a stocking and have a jagged, heavy, metal stocking hangar fall on them.

Be sure that even with their biggest reach they can’t go for them.  You don’t want heavy boxes falling on them either.  Every store has decorative boxes, but you can wrap just about anything around your house as long as it’s stable enough. (Let’s be real, how many Amazon boxes do you have laying around?)

magical mama blog stocking hang hung wall christmas decor decorations baby proof toddler safe

  • Relocate Stockings

Though the poem may say, “the stockings were hung by the chimney with care”, you don’t have to put them there!  Get out some 3M hooks and put each family member’s stocking on their bedroom door.  Or fill up an empty wall with those colorful giant socks!

magical mama blog christmas tree baby proof toddler safe

  • Block off Christmas Tree

If you’re able to get the Christmas tree in an area protected by baby gate, job well done.  For some home layouts, that’s just not ideal.  Try placing the tree in a corner with a couch on both sides and an ottoman blocking any holes.

If you’d like to spring for a baby gate that can connect to itself to go around the tree.

Get some large cardboard boxes (Amazon subscribe and save diaper boxes work great!), fill them with very heavy items and surround the tree with them.  The worst that can happen is baby unwrapping the boxes.

Grab an end table and throw your 5-6 foot tree right on top!  Be sure the little ones can’t reach the tree skirt or any stems to pull it down!

If you’re hard core and need your tree and don’t want any distractions, you may want to get yourself some baby safety furniture straps to connect the tree at least half way up to the wall so that if baby gets a hold of the tree, it’s not going to come down on top of them.

  • Shrink your Christmas Tree

If you’re used to 10 foot trees or artificial trees, perhaps wait until next year.  Head out to your local tree lot.  They will have a section of 2-3 foot trees or “tabletop trees”.

They’re a steal at a tree lot for usually about $10-$20. This way, you can get your tree, get the smell of fresh pine, decorate, and display it.  It will be on a smaller scale, but your peace of mind will be worth it.

Spring for a few baby trees and put one in each room.  Let your kids have a little tree on top of their dresser and let them make ornaments to decorate them.

OR grab some tomato cages and wrap in garland or decorative mesh and lights and decorate.  Place on table tops so no little hands can get them.

magical mama blog christmas decor decorations baby proof toddler safe door wreath

  • Hang Wreaths

Not only on your front door!  Throw some 3M hooks up on the other doors in your home or in the center of empty wall space and throw a festive wreath up!

  • String Garland up High

Grab some hooks and string your garland up over windows, or at your ceiling line.  It will bring a bit of bright light to dark corners and will be far away from mischievous hands.

magical mama blog misteltoe christmas decor decorations baby safe baby proof toddler proof

  • Hang Mistletoe

You can’t go wrong with mistletoe!  Hang it in  doorways or above doorways with some 3M temporary hooks.  It’s cute, sweet, and safe!

  • Hang Christmas Cards

Show off how loved your family is!  Grab some 3M hooks to hang some fun holiday ribbon by your front door.  Or hang ribbons in horizontal lines on the wall to create the illusion of a Christmas tree shape.

Grab a tomato cage at your local hardware or gardening store.  Stand on entry table or end table.  Pull stakes together and tie with decorative ribbon.  Use clothes pins to make a Christmas Card Tree.

magical mama blog snowflakes window curtain rod christmas decor decorations baby safe toddler proof

  • Hang Ornaments or Snowflakes in Windows

Have fun cutting out snowflakes as a family and hang them with fishing line or ribbon from the curtain rod of a window.  Make some Borax snowflakes to display.

If you’re choosing to skip the tree this year, display your ornaments in the windows strung by festive ribbon or fishing line.

  • Hang Christmas Lights in the Kids’ Rooms

Give your kids some holiday spirit.  Take a string of lights and some 3M hooks and put them away from wandering hands but where they can be enjoyed.  Read Christmas books by the light of them or use a small string of them as a night light.

magical mama blog ornaments christmas baby safe decor decorations toddler prood baby proof

  • Display Ornaments in Glass

If you’re not doing a Christmas Tree or you’re only decorating from the top to the middle, go to your local dollar store or craft store.  Pick up some large hurricane glasses or fishbowls and place your ornaments in them on the dining room table, a bookshelf, or counter top.


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Baby Safe Christmas Decor - Fill your house with Christmas decor while keeping it safe from your baby or toddler and keeping them safe as well! MagicalMamaBlog

magical mama blog christmas decor baby safe proof toddler holiday

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    1. Thank you! I am a Christmas fiend so when mine started crawling, walking, pulling up, and climbing, I knew I needed to safe guard my decor and help others do the same!

  1. I love this & needed this! This is the last christmas season without a little one, so I know next year we will have to watch our decorations way more!

  2. Really it takes a village and a lot of energy to raise a child. I’m so glad there are mothers now that pay attention to safety more then they did in our day. Great article and tips!

  3. I’m so glad someone is posting articles like this that can increase safety in the home, even around the holiday season! I’ll have to send this to some of my mom friends!

    1. Thank you! I think it’s so important to get baby proofed! I’ve seen too many stories on the news about babies having trees fall on top of them, ornaments being broken and little ones winding up with stitches. Please pass it along so everyone can be Christmassy and safe!

  4. Our tree in the kitchen doesn’t get decorated at all until about a third of the way up the tree, not because of the baby, but the dogs! Hope your tree stays pristine this year!

    1. Thank you! They’ve become a staple in my home over the last few years and I still continue to get compliments on them every year! (I’ve used the same ones for 3 years now!)

  5. Good tips. We never worried about any of this with the kids – they just did as they were told (I think) but we have a new puppy and a few of these might come in handy for her – her english is no good! #Stayclassymama

  6. I started using gift tags for ornaments when my children were little. Some of them are beautiful. They don’t break and are inexpensive. The tree looked great.

  7. What fab and practical ideas. It just does to show that you can combine the visual and the practical particularly over the festive season. Thanks for linking this up to #coolmumclub I’m off to pin this one xx

    1. Thank you! I think no one should have to compromise their Christmas spirit for their little ones and no one should EVER compromise baby’s safety for anything. I’m glad you think it’s a good mix!

    1. Thank you! Getting her big girl car seat before she was born has paid off! Surprisingly, she has not ripped the wrapping paper off yet!

  8. These are great tips for parents or grandparents with toddlers. Thanks for sharing on Sunday’s Best. I’m looking forward to hearing more from you.

  9. These are really good ideas! I think height makes such a difference! haha!! My girls have so far been so good at not touching things. We will see. Thanks for sharing with #bloggersbest x

  10. Hey, popping back from #ThursdayTeam. Thank you so much for joining us. I am still so impressed with some of these ideas and even showed my friends.

  11. Popping back over from #fortheloveofBLOG – we could do with some baby-safe decorations as ours is obsessed by the tree

    1. Mine just wants to touch, she hasn’t tried grabbing yet, but I know if we didn’t have our barricades up, there would be chaos!

    1. Thank you! Nothing is impossible for those little hands, but the more improbable we can make things, the better!

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