15 New Year Resolutions for Moms

Magical Mama Blog 15 New Year Resolutions for Moms

Pin Share15 Tweet +1 StumbleShares 15 15 New Year’s Resolutions for Moms Spend time with your husband Once the kids move out, it’s just the two of you.  If you don’t put the work into keeping your bond strong while the kids are around, you’ll have an awfully big hole […]

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21 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Great

Pin593 Share5 Tweet +1 StumbleShares 598 21 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Great Isn’t it interesting how we can go to other peoples’ homes and immediately pick up on the general smell of the place? But when you walk into your own home…nothing?  We become so acclimated to our […]

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38 Fun Fall Activities for your Family

Magical mama Blog 38 Fun Fall Activities For Your Family

Pin59 Share15 Tweet +1 StumbleShares 74   38 Fun Fall Activities for your Family School bells are ringing, the air is still muggy from summer, and everyone is trying to figure out this new routine.  Why this is a surprise every year? We may never know. Between the time the […]

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How To: Make every trip to the grocery store a walk in the park

Pin5 Share2 Tweet +1 StumbleShares 7  Even with a full time job, babies, spouses, pets, meals and sleep. We still need to squeeze some fun into our lives. Unfortunately, we also have to squeeze in trips to the grocery store. Time to spend most of our hard earned money dodging […]

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10 Tips for Keeping a Clean Home

Magical Mama Blog 10 Tips for Keeping a Clean Home

Pin106 Share2 Tweet +1 StumbleShares 108  I adore cleaning.  I know… Who am I?  Where did I come from?  Who did this to me? I am well aware that there are few people out there who hear, “it’s time to clean” and spring into action.  However, I know there are tons of people who […]

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10 Nesting Mistakes to Avoid

Magical Mama Blog 10 Nesting Mistakes to Avoid

Pin15 Share2 Tweet +1 StumbleShares 17  I am a cleaning and organizational fiend… basically nesting at all times.  When it came time for me to actually nest, I went to Pinterest for the tell-all stories. I read hundreds of tips and lists of things not to forget.  Even the things […]

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How To: Get Rid of that Stubborn Toilet Ring

Pin1 Share Tweet +1 StumbleShares 1  This post contains affiliate links. If you make purchases through these links, I receive a small commission (at no cost to you! Yay!). I practice what I preach and only promote products that I use, trust, and adore! If you’d like additional information on […]

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