Celebrate the Olympics with your Family

Magical Mama Blog Celebrate the Olympics With Your Family

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Celebrate the Olympics with your Family

The time is quickly approaching for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait the two years from the Summer games to the Winter games!

My husband and I plan out our watching schedule and root on our teams in our favorite sports.

The games will take place February 9th through February 25th.  While you’re rooting on your favorite athletes, why not get your kids up and moving? Nothing excites kids more for sports and competition than the Olympics.

While they’re up and excited, why not make some fun family activities? Here are some fun ways to bring the Olympic games into your home!

Opening Ceremony Party

Have each member of your family create a flag out of card stock to represent them.  Assign each member of the family a color and use that to represent them through your games.  Grab some card stock and dowels.

Parade around the living room or backyard to fun music. Have the kids work together to come up with an opening ceremony performance.

Get out the craft supplies and have the kiddos construct an “Olympic Torch” that can be passed around and displayed while the games are in session.

Turn it into a research project.  Ask them, what games were in the first Olympics? When did they divide it into Summer & Winter games?  What are the world records for medals?  When did the Olympics take place in your country?


Grab some medals to hand out at each event.  Be sure to pick out events where each kiddo can succeed.  Grab some or make some out of salt dough or chocolate coins.

Winter Olympic Games to Play

Figure Skating

Head to your local ice rink and rent some skates for a few hours.  Show off your moves to one another. Grab some score cards, let each family member perform, and work out a fair scoring system.

Speed Skating

Dust off your roller blades and take the kids out for a spin.  Many bike shops or even toy sections of stores will have a beginner set for your little ones to learn.

Make sure they have on safety gear and use some cones to mark out your rink and race away!

Ice Hockey

Grab some brooms and a ball and go out into a field, mark off goals with your cones and let the kids go wild.


Take the kids to the backyard or a local park.  Set up cones for them to sprint, then have a nerf gun or water gun (depending on weather) and targets at the end of their foot race.


Grab some big chunks of cardboard from the garage and find a local park with a big, grassy (and safe) hill.  Set up a finish line and let the kids run and slide feet first or head first (whichever makes you feel safer).  You may consider the safety gear above for the less coordinated kiddos.


Human curling! Grab this fabulous slip n slide and set it up in your backyard.  Set up cones on either side and see which kiddo can get the closest to the target.

Skiing / Snowboarding

If you’re near mountains that have some fun resorts that you can visit, go snowboarding or skiing. If your kids are experts on skateboards, have them teach you how and try out a race.

Closing Ceremony Celebration

Adorn yourself with your earned medals, throw out some Olympic themed snacks and decorate with some flags and quiz the kids on what country belongs to which flag.

Throughout the games, encourage the kids to do some research on the countries they don’t have much knowledge about.

During the viewing of the closing ceremonies, ask them what continent each country is in or one interesting fact about it.

Summer Olympic Games to Play


Create a balance beam by balancing one long wooden board on some smaller boards on each side.  Have the kids show off some skills and create a fair scoring system.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Grab some spools of ribbon and cut and tie some onto the dowels you grabbed for your flags.  Turn on some music and have the kids choreograph a dance.

My sister and I had ribbon dancers when we were little and would put on performances and teach ourselves fun tricks all the time. Try it with hula hoops or a small ball as well!

Synchronized Swimming

Head to your local swimming hole, community pool, or your own pool if you have it.  Grab a waterproof speaker and turn on some music while your family tries out their graceful water dance moves.


Have some lap races in the pool and work on the different strokes your kiddos can do. Set up a kiddie pool or a large container with water and have each family member pick a rubber ducky.  Use water guns to push your rubber ducky past the finish line!


Head to the local swimming hole (or your back yard if you have a pool).  Let the kids try out the diving boards, slides, or just have them jump from the edge of the pool and (safely) make up some tricks to show off. Bring those score cards along with you!


Grab some pool noodles and have the kids duel it out while you have no worries about anyone poking their eye out!


Let the kids try out their target skills with some suction-tipped nerf gun fun!

Canoe Sprint

Take a drive to your local lake or marina.  Rent a canoe, get some exercise, then have a fun little race.

Road Cycling

Head out for a family bike ride.  For the younger kids, try out a park path or big flat parking lot.  For the older kids, try a more natural environment for some off-road biking.


Head to the hoop in the back yard, your local park or YMCA to have a few hours of shooting hoops.  If your little ones aren’t ready for an actual game, try an inventive game of HORSE.


Find a local volleyball court and head out to play a few rounds of beach or indoor volleyball as a family.


If your kids are ready for a little fight (without actually fighting), set up a ring and break out the sock ’em boppers!

Table Tennis

Grab a table tennis set on Amazon and turn any table into a sporting zone!


Your local parks and recreation should have a public facility where you can go play a few rounds of competitive tennis as a family.  Get your kiddos decked out with sweatbands and let them run and grunt just like the pros!

Long Jump

Tape out a measuring system and give each member a few tries to jump the farthest without falling or stepping.

Javelin Toss

Grab a handful of straws and place out some bowls or painters tape along the ground and score on how far your little ones can throw. If they’re not up for straws, let them try paper airplanes.


Have a wonderful time with your family, cheer on your country’s athletes, and enjoy yet another  inspiring season of unity and friendly competition at the Olympic games.

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  1. Wow! So many fun ideas! My boys and I like to make a graph charting how many medals some of the larger countries receive (honestly I’d like to chart them all but there are just so many countries!).

  2. What great ideas! My mother in law and I are into the Olympics, but I have a hard time convincing my little ones to watch. (Oh, and that screen time limits thing comes into play.) But getting them involved in their own version of the games would be so much fun! Thanks for the ideas! #wanderingwednesday

    1. Yes! Even with full screen time, sitting still and staring at the TV gets old quick! Getting outside and having some safe and friendly competition is a great way to burn some energy and have some fun! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Fun! These are all really fun ways for kids and families to get involved in the Olympics spirit. I can’t wait to introduce my kids to the Olympics this year.

    Thanks for joining #WanderingWednesday at Confessions of Parenting!

  4. Oh my goodness! This is so thoughtful and productive! Kind of wish my baby was a little older so I could do this with her but definitely when she’s older. I’ll also be sharing this post with my sister in law so my nephews would get more active! Thanks for sharing #StayClassyMama

    Soffy // themumaffairs.blogspot.com

  5. As I am an EXPAT we like to invite multi national friends to watch big events and make it a tad competitive too. We will probably make flags and sometimes include a favourite national dish, last time I made scones with jam and cream. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

  6. I think Ben will love the olympics as he loves anything where there is applause! Just today we ate out and there were a few people with birthdays so the waiters clapped and sang and Ben was in his element! #fortheloveofBLOG

    1. My little one is an applause junkie too. Even if people clap on TV, she joins in! I can’t wait for her to get a glimpse of the Olympics!

  7. I love the Olympics! I’m not particularly sporty but every time it comes around I end up getting into it all. My son was too little to have any idea about the Olympics last time around, so it will be lovely to introduce him this year – so many ideas to choose from, and loads that are good for his age now. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  8. I had totally forgotten it was coming up, you reminded me of lots of sports I really love!Some great ideas for activities for the little ones here.Thanks for linking this to #thursdayteam

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