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Shopping for baby clothes!

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was so excited to go out and find little tiny outfits for our first addition.  We found out it was a girl 11 weeks in and I went out in search of some cute things.

One thing I was going to be adamant about was getting some gender neutral choices. If we have a boy next, we won’t have to buy an entire new wardrobe.

Do you remember in the 80s and 90s when there were just plain white onesies, plain shirts and pants? The most pattern you would get would be some primary colored clowns or ducks?

Apparently that time has come and gone.   All stores are clearly divided between girl clothes and boy clothes.

The girl section is filled with pink, ruffles, glitter, skin tight leggings, brand logos and characters.

The boy section is filled with what could be considered some gender neutral stuff…except for the fact that it has “mama’s little man” or “Daddy’s boy” plastered all over it.

I tried to shop in the boys section as much as possible because it was more versatile than the all pink girl’s section… Then I wanted to whip every person with a car antenna that called by sweet baby girl a little boy.

I went to Carters, Osh Kosh, Gymboree, Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, and Amazon. I was having a ridiculously hard time finding things that were gender neutral other than plain white onesies.

What the crap?

The Discovery

After typing in “cute gender neutral baby clothes” into a Google search, I was led to!

Primary is a small shop started in NYC by the two moms who created  These moms wanted to create a place where you could get clothes that were simple, of good quality and were a decent price.

And that they did.

Get 20% off plus free shipping on your first order at with code AFF20PCT


On, everything is under $25.

Yes, it can add up quickly if you’re purchasing $20 items, but these are created to be your “one dress”…your “one jumper”… they will last and show their quality.


The fabric they use is soft, durable, and passes chemical testing.

Their clothes are made of bold colored fabric with no slogans, no characters, and no wild designs.

Their swimwear offers UPF 50 protection.



They have a handy dandy little sizing guide for each product. Yes, each product will tell you the Primary size for your child’s height and weight for that particular product.

Dresses, onesies, bathing suits, pajamas, and shorts aren’t all cut from exactly the same pattern. Primary is great at making sure you have the sizing guide there for each item!

As all the moms out there know, your kid may be a 6 month for onesies, 9 month for pajamas, and a 12 month in bathing suits.

Free Shipping

Primary does not have any brick and mortar shops, just their website.  They offer fast FREE shipping! There is no minimum purchase total to get free shipping…you ALWAYS get free shipping!

They ship anywhere in US within 3-5 business days and offer expedited next business day shipment for $18.    (Note: Alaska and Hawaii take longer for shipping)

Get 20% off plus free shipping on your first order at with code AFF20PCT

Rainbow Rewards Program

Earn 5% on qualified orders that are credited to your next purchase you will receive 48 hours after order has processed.

You have 6 months to use your rewards before they expire.  That’s a long time!

To qualify for the 5% back, your order must be $50 or more…which is not hard to do because it’s all fabulous!

To sign up, simply make a user name & password during check out of your first order!

Returns & Refunds

Free 90 day returns can be taken care of by e-mailing

Items need to be unworn & unwashed.

Simply call or e-mail and they e-mail you back a prepaid shipping label, repackage your items, and ship at no cost to you.

It takes 2-3 weeks for the refund process to occur. You will get an e-mail letting you know when your refund has processed.

What stuff do they have?





Sweaters & Jackets

Socks & Tights & Underwear


Gift Sets (great for baby shower gifts!)

Gift Cards

Dresses, Rompers, Shirts, Shorts, Pants, Hats, Rash Guards, Bloomers, Tanks, Polos, Baseball Sleeves, Skirts, Sweats and more!!


My Experience

I was looking recently for a fun blue dress for my little one to wear to her Baba’s (Grandma’s) birthday party.

Everything in stores had glitter, words, flowers, and animals encrusted all over it.

I just wanted something simple and adorable.

Primary came to the rescue… with options!

I ordered the striped baby dress in navy/white

and the baby dress in cobalt blue

They were delivered on time and in great shape!

They fit perfectly.  On a note:  The striped dress was about 3 inches longer than the plain blue.  It made absolutely no difference in fit or how precious it was, just know that the skirt length may slightly vary.

Primary Wardrobe - Magical Mama Blog

We got compliments galore at the party and whenever she wears these dresses…which is all the time!

People asked where we got them and quickly become addicted to Primary…but then again, who wouldn’t?  I wish they had an adult collection!

Build a Primary Wardrobe - MagicalMamaBlog

(We also grabbed this little romper for a baby shower we have coming up because it was too precious to pass up!)

They have lasted so well!  I wash them all the time because my daughter is a mess.  No stains to report yet, no loss of color after tons of washes!


The baby dresses are adorable, the cardigans make me swoon, and I can’t wait til my little one fits into the “kid” sizes for the big collection of dresses and skirts!

I will happily admit that I was one of those babies/toddlers that would pull their dress up to their arm pits.  My child is happily following in my footsteps.

Primary has an amazing fix for those kids!  Under shorts in every color!

Biker shorts were a huge thing back in the 90s but have since trickled away from common place wardrobe.

Primary has fabulous shorts that allow you to put your little girls in dresses and skirts without having to worry about them flashing the goods to the whole playground…or all of church as mine has done.

Get 20% off plus free shipping on your first order at with code AFF20PCT

Once you have your baby’s fabulous new wardrobe, head over to check out How To Organize Baby Clothes!


Now go grab your 20% off, enjoy your little one’s fabulous new wardrobe and shout it from the rooftops!



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  1. For the twins I went out and bought so many outfits for them and with the heatwave they’ve only been wearing a vest and now its all too small!
    I’m definitely all for gender neutral, however find its easier to dress girls in unisex clothes than boys as you cant put a boy in a flouncy skirt, but girls can wear dinosaur print and still rock it.. Just dont tell my eldest I dressed him in a minnie mouse outfit as a bubbah hahaha!
    Thanks for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

    1. I wish that stores would consider having just a baby section with neutral colors and prints and then a few dresses or little bow ties. Thanks for dropping by!!

    1. I adore the bright colors! And they stay bright even after washing constantly!
      Thanks for stopping by, Kirsty!

    1. They have a little bit of everything and if you love one thing, you can get it in every color imaginable!
      Thank you for stopping by, Naomi!

  2. I love the that this is all about building a gender neutral wardrobe – I think we can help to form ideas around gender and colours as parents and every little bit helps in the path towards gender equality! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub and have a lovely summer! x

    1. Yes! I love my daughter wearing baseball t-shirts and if I have a son next, I hope he rocks a pink polo shirt!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and for sharing, Talya!

  3. Bein a mum of boys and girls, having neutral clothes is a win for us, as we can hand them all down! Also I don’t like slogans such as “princess” for girls I like them to be a little more gutsy and inspiring! #thursdayteam

    1. Yes! I hate when clothes are so limiting! I don’t need an attached skirt, glitter, and slogans to let people know I have a girl. She can stand up on her own two feet in a potato sack and be a girly girl or a tom boy.
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Charlotte! It’s great to have the opinion of a mom of both up on the wall!

    1. Yes! They have something for everyone! I love that you can get so many pieces that will last and work for your next kids no matter what they end up being!
      Thanks for stopping by, Zoe!

  4. When our first was small, we were very careful to choose lots of pieces that could be reused for a boy or a girl (and this shop sounds perfect for that!). Then when we found out our second was a girl, we went all out in the pink aisle because anything and everything could be passed down! Haha #blogcrush

    1. Fabulous planning on your part! I’m sure no clothes went to waste!
      Thanks for stopping by, Lucy!

    1. I didn’t even mention uniforms, did I? There’s too much to cover!
      Thank you so much for dropping by, Holly!

    1. It is so nice to grab items that aren’t specifically geared toward girls or boys! Boys and girls can rock any color!
      Thank you so much for dropping by, Shanophia!

  5. These are really cute! So many people like to get patterned tops and bottoms and it’s so hard to match them with anything, but the outfit it came with. These would be perfect to find things to mix and match!

    1. Yes! It’s super easy to mix and match! I have a few friends who shop only from Primary and mix and match every day. One friend got 7 of the baby dresses and cardigans and her daughter looked precious every day mixing and matching her colors and she would do laundry once per week. Brilliant!
      Thank you for stopping by, Samantha!

  6. I have the same struggle! It’s so hard to find gender neutral clothing. Everything is either pink glitter or trucks. It’s great to (finally) see some other options.

    1. Yes! The last 25 years has become so separated in the baby/kids sections and this site is crushing it with the simple something for everyone!
      Thank you for stopping by, Christa!

  7. I love Primary! I got part of my daughter’s True costume from them as I needed a pink skirt and pink leggings that were the same color of pink! They also had a colored onesie which we needed as well!

    1. I was just on the site yesterday searching for some Halloween pieces! I adore how handy it is to find anything you need in any color you could think of!
      Thanks for stopping by, Diana!

    1. Thank you! She is a hoot and a half! I love simple clothes and can’t wait to get the fun new stuff when she gets into the “big kids” section at Primary!
      Thanks for stopping by, Mallaury!

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