How to Baby Proof the Bathroom

How To Baby Proof the Bathroom by Magical Mama Blog

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How To Baby Proof the Bathroom

Print out my Baby Proofing Checklist for later!

Now that your little one is on the move, it’s time to take some extra precautions to make sure they don’t get hurt!

A lot of the time, it is not necessary to do every single thing on this list, but with everyone’s house being different and every child getting into different kinds of mischief, I’m going all out!

  • Medication

Get all medication out of reach.  The higher you can get it, the better.  If you don’t have any high cabinets, or another room to keep your medications (prescription or not) locked up!

Even when lids are “child proof”, they are never 100% safe.

Please program poison control’s number into your phone!!  You won’t want to have to look it up in the middle of an emergency!

POISON CONTROL :  (800) 222 – 1222


  • Cabinets & Drawers

Magical Mama Blog How To Baby Proof

Go through your cabinets and drawers for anything sharp, poisonous, or is a choking hazard.

Move poisonous cleaning products to a closed utility room.

Lock up cabinets and drawers!

There are a ton of locks to choose from on the market.

If you have open handles on your cabinets, you can attach locks to the outside.

You can grab some safety straps and attach them to the outside of your cabinets.

There are great springing or flexible push locks that can be attached with 3M pads or screws.

If you want to get fancy, there are also magnetic locks.

  • Toilet

MagicalMamaBlog How To Baby Proof the Bathroom
Pro Tip: Make sure you install it with the strap on the lid and the base on the outside of the bowl. You don’t want the strap curling into the toilet bowl!

Grab a toilet lock or use a safety strap to keep the seat and lid down and connected to the base.

Children are born with the unbridled desire to put things in the toilet.  Don’t let your keys, phone, stuffed animals, or children themselves end up in the toilet bowl!

They also have a lovely invention of flush locks so your kiddo isnt wasting away gallons upon gallons of water.

  • Toilet Paper

MagicalMamaBlog How To Baby Proof the Bathroom

Grab a rubberband or hair band to throw around your toilet roll.  It is easy to move out of the way when it is not in use.

Though it may not stop them entirely, it definitely slows them down from making a mess.

Keep spare rolls high up or in locked cabinets.  You don’t want to walk in on a child wrapping themselves…or the dog up like a mummy.

  • Counters

If you have sharp corners or edges on any of the furniture…or you just have a klutzy child, you can grab some edge guards or corner protectors so you don’t wind up with any split open foreheads or scalps.

  • Trash Can

So your little one likes to dig in the bathroom trash?  Have a small can and put it into a locked lower cabinet.

If you have fancy open shelving or no cabinets, you can consider getting an extra small can and placing it on the counter or in the tub out of sight.

  • Tub Safety

Make sure you have a non slip mat, faucet cover, drain cover and a good surface to dry off on.

My favorite bath tub safety device is the water thermometer!

  • Water Heater

Check your water heater.  Set the high to below 120 degrees.  This will prevent possible scalding.  If your child makes it into the bathroom and decides to turn the hot water on, you don’t want them to get hurt.

  • Shower Curtain

If you have a tension shower curtain rod, consider throwing the curtain up and over the rod once it dries.

If you little one tugs on it, it can come down and hit them or break other things in the bathroom.

  • Shower Door

If you have a glass shower door or slider, consider using a safety strap to keep the little one from slamming it open and breaking it, or smacking themselves with a sharp edge, or falling in if there’s a lip at the bottom.

You can also use a spare tension rod to keep sliding shower doors closed.

  • Towel Racks & Hooks

Check your towel racks and hooks attached to the walls.  If they cannot support your child’s weight, consider throwing the towels up over the shower curtain rod or over the door so your kiddo doesn’t get smacked by a metal hook or make a hole in the wall!

  • Rugs

Make sure your bath mats and rugs are secure.  If they slide around, get some rubber mats to keep them in place so your little one doesn’t slip.

  • Door

If you don’t want your little one to be able to open the door, grab a door knob cover.

Prefer to keep the door open? Consider getting a bumper to prevent crushed fingers or slammed doors.

If you have an older toddler that can finagle door knobs, consider taking off the lock for a year or two so they don’t lock themselves in and you out!

  • Soap

So they want to wash their hands or help with their body wash in the bath?

Throw a rubber band on the pump to prevent them from emptying the soap bottles!

  • Closets

If your bathroom has a closet or linen closet in it, be prepared to clean out anything that could be hazardous, or lock up the door!

  • Outlets

Magical Mama Blog How To Baby Proof

Invest in outlet plugs and get into the habit of replacing them if you take them out to plug something in.

  • Cords and Wires

If you have hair dryers, curling irons, or straighteners plugged in, make sure the cords are out of reach.  Consider some 3M cord clips if you have things plugged in consistently so you don’t have to worry about your little one pulling something hot down on themselves.

  • Window Blinds

If you bathroom has a window and you have blinds, get a cord winder or cord wrap to keep your little one from getting caught up in the cord.

  • Door Stopper

Check to see if there is a door stopper on the wall or back of the door.  If it is the old springs, kids love to play with them and they usually have a rubber tip that can come off and be a choking hazard.

Switch to a hinge door stopper for the top of the door to protect your wall and your little one.

  • Clean Floor

Get down on your hands and knees and check under the lip of cabinets, under rugs and in all the little nooks and crannies.

Bobby pins, hair clips, loose hair, pills, plastic…all kinds of little choking hazards can be hiding where you don’t normally look.

  • First Aid

Make sure you have a good first aid kit at easy reach for any accidents or boo boos.

  • Furniture

If you have furniture in your bathroom that is not built in, like a dresser, or small table, grab some furniture straps and secure it to the wall so your little one doesn’t go climbing and get crushed.

  • Pet Supplies

If there is a litter box or other pet supplies in the bathroom, take caution to not leave your child unattended, or to move the supplies to another location that your pet can access it but your baby cannot.

  • Gun Safety

Although it is unlikely to be in your bathroom, if there are any guns or ammo in your home, take the steps to get them locked up!  Do not let your child become a statistic!

“Accidental gun deaths occur mainly in those under 25 years old. In 2014, 2,549 children (age 0-19) died by gunshot and an additional 13,576 were injured.”

“In the United States, over 1.69 million kids age 18 and under are living in households with loaded and unlocked firearms, setting the scene for possible tragedy if firearms are not locked and stored properly.”

How To Baby Proof the Bathroom - Magical Mama Blog - Free Printable Baby Proofing Checklist

Print out my Baby Proofing Checklist for later!

Magical Mama Blog Baby Proofing Checklist Free Printable

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  1. Great safety tips once again. I am sure they will help so many mums. You brought back a memory of my step-daughter walking with a glass into a slippy bathroom and falling. scary moment but she was OK thankfully. #TriumphantTales

  2. Wow, what a comprehensive list! You’ve really thought of everything. I’m impressed! I’m personally of the mindset to “prepare the child for the path, and not the path for the child.” Definitely, babyproof the medicine and other life-threatening risks but most of the other things, I’m of the opinion to just teach the child how to be safe and what’s allowed and what’s not. #fortheloveofBLOG

    1. Thank you. Every kid, parent, and home is different. As long as your little one is safe and you have peace of mind, that’s all that matters!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great tips here! Especially the rubberband around the toilet paper! Wow, I wish I would’ve had that one in my pocket over the last two years. I’ll be doing it now lol. #wanderingwednesday

    1. I’m sure I have already saved myself from several messes and wasted toilet paper! Hope it helps!
      Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth!

  4. Fabulous! It has saved me! I’m sure my little one will eventually outsmart it, but it gives me a little bit of extra time before it gets out of hand! Thanks for stopping by, Briony!

    1. Thank you! The rubber band is pretty easy to get used to, you just have to push it to the side when it needs to be used. It has saved me a ton of money on rolls! I’m sure I would have had many messes to walk in on had I not adopted it into our proofing!
      Thanks for stopping by, Sarah!

    1. Baby proofing products have definitely gotten fancy! I love that so many of them are now made to make sure you don’t damage your home while keeping your baby safe!
      Thanks for stopping by, Shiree!

  5. The bathroom is one of the scariest places to have a baby on the loose and babyproofing is absolutely essential. This is a great guide to everything you have to do which I’m sure so many people will find hugely useful. Thanks so much for linking up to #coolmumclub with this!

    1. With the possibility of drowning being so prevalent in the bathroom, it’s definitely essential to make it a safe space!
      Thank you for stopping by, Talya!

    1. Mine is a want to be monkey-acrobat, so I’m right there with you! Thank you for stopping by!

  6. I haven’t discovered a trick for that yet, but if I do, I’ll be sure to update!
    Thank you for stopping by, Annette!

  7. All very useful and very thorough!! I must admit to doing none of this on my bathroom. It’s a bit sparse though! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

    1. Everyone requires something different for their situation. Lucky you that you didn’t have to do any of it! My wild child requires all of it!
      Thanks for stopping by, Karen!

    1. I don’t think we’ll ever know why they find it so fascinating! Glad I can be of help!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Us too! That toilet lock is one of the most important pieces of baby proofing in our home! Our little one will try to sneak in there and throw cell phones in there, smash her hands in the seat, let her hands go for a swim.
    Thanks for stopping by, Alicia!

  9. All of these are as great as always, but that elastic band on the toilet roll…. GENIUS! So simple and so effective. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that years ago!
    Thank you for joining #ThursdayTeam

    1. As a clumsy person, a non slip mat is always necessary! The cabinet locks and the toilet paper roll band have been saviors in my house! Thank you for stopping by!

  10. Rubber band on the toilet paper – genius! I can’t believe I didn’t think of this! She’s grown out of that stage now but youngest was always sneaking into the bathroom and pulling out reams of loo roll, and then shoving it down the toilet (often causing it to overflow! Aaargh!). Great idea #blogcrush

    1. Oh no! What a mischievous little one! Glad she’s grown out of it!
      Thank you for stopping by, Lucy!

  11. A very useful article. I still have the stairsgate up between the kitchen and the living room. Even though, the kids know how to unlock them, Ethan said to me what about if we have a baby in the house. He meant my friend’s who has a baby – not me by the way. Two is quite enough – Haha 😉 Anyway, that why we still have our stairsgate up even though if its not for us then for our visitors. x

    1. Even if that gate doesn’t keep your little ones out of the kitchen, it slows them down! These items always seem to be useful. It’s great to be able to have other little ones come over so mom doesn’t have to panic about them getting hurt.
      Thank you for stopping by, Su!

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