How To Baby Proof the Kitchen & Dining Room

How to Baby Proof the Kitchen and Dining Room by Magical Mama Blog

Your little one is on the move?  One of the most common rooms in the home can be the most dangerous!  Let’s jump right into how to baby proof the kitchen and dining room!

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How To Baby Proof the Kitchen & Dining Room

Print out my Baby Proofing Checklist for later!

Ahh the kitchen…full of knives, breakable dishes, and boiling hot food preparation…yep, definitely need to baby proof this one!

  • Cabinet & Drawer Locks

Magical Mama Blog How To Baby Proof

If you have anything breakable, choking hazards, things you don’t want all over your floor, or you don’t want your child using your cabinets as forts, get yourself some cabinet locks.

If your little one is tall enough to open drawers, they can usually reach into the drawers.  Make sure nothing sharp or heavy is at easy reach.  Locks can be used for drawers as well!

If you have drawers with handles, check out my post on how to use Lots of Links to keep your cabinets closed!

  • Hazardous Cleaners

Move hazardous cleaners to a locked utility room or high cabinet.  If you do not have these options, consider putting them into a tub with a locking lid inside of a locked cabinet.

  • Refrigerator

Make sure your fridge is not top heavy and is steady.  If you can wobble it, or you have a monkey child that can climb up with the handles, use furniture straps to secure your fridge to the wall.

Use strap locks to keep doors closed.  If your little one can reach the water or ice dispenser, consider using something to block them for getting water and ice all over the floor.

  • Oven

Use straps to keep door closed.  Be sure to check your placement as the adhesive can melt if it gets too hot.

Remove all dish towels you have hanging on the handle.  If your child grabs both ends and pulls, that oven door can come flying down on them.

Pro Tip: Locks specified as “oven locks” typically do not work on double ovens.

  • Dishwasher

Magical Mama Blog How To Baby Proof the Kitchen
(please ignore the baby finger prints and licking marks!)

Get the door locked up with a strap and if your dishwasher has a handle, remove any dish towels.

Do not place detergent in your dishwasher until it is ready to run.  You don’t want your little one getting into those toxic chemicals while you’re trying to load it up.

Always place sharp objects like knives facing down in the dishwasher.  If someone is trying to be a little helper and unload with you, you don’t want those little fingers to be harmed.

  • Stove

If your stove has knobs along the front, get some knob covers so your child cannot turn on the stove top…especially if it’s gas!

Get a stove guard if your little one’s fingers can reach over the edge.  You don’t need any sweet little fingers getting burned.  Try to use only the back burners if possible.

Attempt to always turn pot & pan handles toward the back to avoid little ones pulling hot food and metal down on themselves.

  • Doors

If you’d like to keep your kiddo from entering a utility room or pantry, throw on some door handle locks to keep them out.

  • Pantry

If you have an open pantry or keep the door open for it often, move cans and jars to high, secure shelves.

Consider making the bottom shelves their snack store.  Put pouches, fruit snacks, crackers, and juice boxes at their easy reach.

  • Fridge Magnets

Remove fridge magnets that may be a choking hazard.  Consider getting some baby-friendly magnets so they have something to play with in the kitchen.

You’ll want to get magnets that have a magnetic sheeting back instead of small magnets.

  • Counter Clutter

Be sure to keep dish drying racks and mats away from the edge of the counter.  Position knife blocks in the back center of counters as well as any decor or heavy kitchen objects.

  • Trash

Get trash cans under the sink in locked cabinets, into a pantry or utility room, or into some kind of contraption that can keep them from being knocked over.

  • Tablecloths

Remove tablecloths from dining room tables.  Your child will no doubt pull everything off of the table and possibly onto themselves. The same goes for place mats!

  • Sharp Edges

If you have a dining table or china cabinet with sharp edges or corners, grab some corner guard and edge padding to protect those little noggins.

  • Chairs & Stools

If you don’t want your little one pulling chairs around the dinging room and possibly onto themselves, try putting bungee cords around the chair and table legs to keep them securely tucked in.

If you have some tall stools tucked in at the counter, consider trowing them in a closet or the garage for a few months until your little one won’t pull them down onto themselves.

  • Utensils

Keep utensils in their drawer until they need to be used.  Setting the table early can lead to curious hands pulling down fork and knives.

  • Choking Hazards

Get down on your hands and knees and look under the lip of your cupboards and appliances.  Those skinny little baby hands can get deep under there.

The general rule is if something can fit within a toilet paper tube, it can be a choking hazard.

  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Make sure your detectors are in good working order.  Replace the batteries in the detectors around your home while you’re in the midst of your baby proofing make over.

  • Fire Extinguisher

If you have an extinguisher in your kitchen, check the dates on it to make sure it is in good working order.  If you don’t have one, grab one!

  • Poison Control

  • (800) 222 – 1222

    Please take one minute to program the number for poison control into your phone!  You don’t want to be looking for the number during an emergency!

    They are available 24 hours a day every single day!  You could save yourself an expensive trip to an emergency room on a holiday if you have this number handy!

  • Gun Safety

  • If there are any guns or ammo in your home, take the steps to get them locked up!  Do not let your child become a statistic!”Accidental gun deaths occur mainly in those under 25 years old. In 2014, 2,549 children (age 0-19) died by gunshot and an additional 13,576 were injured.””In the United States, over 1.69 million kids age 18 and under are living in households with loaded and unlocked firearms, setting the scene for possible tragedy if firearms are not locked and stored properly.”

How To Baby Proof the Kitchen & Dining Room - Magical Mama Blog - Free Printable Baby Proofing Checklist

Print out my Baby Proofing Checklist for later!

Magical Mama Blog Baby Proofing Checklist Free Printable

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  1. The Tubblet has, fortunately, always been fairly cautious in the kitchen. The cat has a death wish and frequently attempts to sneak onto the hob when we’re cooking so he can steal whatever’s in the pan. He now gets locked out for his own safety!

    1. I wish mine would be cautious in the kitchen, but she enjoys opening the oven and attempting to climb into the dishwasher. She’s a daredevil so we’ve had to lock everything up and you never know what they’ll get into next, so it’s always smart to be one step ahead of them.

    1. They are! I was so happy to not have to reorganize my kitchen! Thank you so much for stopping by, Lori!

  2. wow! this is quite a list!
    I remember when my children were tiny, I would get down on the floor level and view things from their perspective, to see what might entice their little hands and catch their eye.
    Thank you for putting it all together for us.

    1. That is such a crucial step! You have to get down to their perspective and remove any potential dangers! Thanks for stopping by, Linda!

    1. I wish we had an IKEA within driving distance to us! I love their step stool and mini chairs for kiddos!
      Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Great tips and love the one about straps on the oven as can imagine such horrific injuries if stuff went wrong on that score #BlogCrush

    1. I knew some kids in high school who has burn scars on them from oven & stove injuries as kids, so I am overly cautious about that!
      Thanks for stopping by, Kate!

  4. They do say most accidents happen in the home so good to have safety measures like these. Popping back via #fabFridayPost

    1. They do! You always think your home is the safest place until you realize what potential dangers there are.
      Thanks for stopping by, Kate!

  5. So much to think about. I’m happy we are past that stage 😀 you’ve got some really useful tips here, a great blog to direct new mums to. Thanks for linking up with us #FabFridayPost

    1. Congratulations on making it through this stage! Please direct new moms here! I am hoping to help as many mamas as I can!
      Thank you for stopping by, Sarah!

    1. Thank you so much! The kitchen is one of the most commonly used rooms in the house but it can be filled with the most danger. Glad your kitchen is up to date and safe! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. The kitchen, the deadliest room in the home. I’m glad you mentioned the refrigerator, many people overlook latching that. It also helps to prevent the opening of it and then leaving it open because small kids don’t always close doors. #DreamTeam

    1. Yes! The refrigerator is so often overlooked. It is a huge appliance that I have seen little ones climb!
      If you don’t have one that beeps when it is left open, you can be left with a refrigerator full of spoiling food!
      Thank you for stopping by, Heather!

  7. This is really useful. I remember those days. I still have my stair-gate up between the kitchen and the living room so that I can hid myself in there! lol! x

    Thank you very much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

    1. A few feet of space all to yourself and knowing your little ones are safe can bring you so much peace…for a few minutes at least!
      Thank you for stopping by, Su!

  8. Brilliant helpful reminder of all the potential dangers in our homes. My youngest smashed a bottle of Pimms that was in the wine rack: I didn’t know he could crawl that fast or that glass could go so far! Luckily he wasn’t hurt. Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

  9. I needed your guides in my life a few years ago! I was lucky that we have integrated appliances in the kitchen so the fridge was never a concern and the oven is up high. But the cleaning products always worried me. They were in a locked cupboard but I never thought to put them in a locked box. Simple yet genius.
    Thank you for joining #ThursdayTeam

    1. What a brilliant kitchen arrangement! Ours are in a locked cupboard in the utility room, but if your home didn’t have a utility room, I’d want to make them as out of reach as possible!
      Thanks for stopping by as always, Kirsty!

  10. Great advice again. I did a very poor job baby proofing my house when my kids were babies but if I ever have another I’ll make sure i’ll do a better job. Thank you for sharing with #stayclassymama

    1. Every little one requires different supervision and injury protection. Your kids are still here, so you did it right! Thank you for stopping by, Pat!

  11. We used to have those corner covers all over our house as the little one went through a bad patch of tumbling into the coffee table so I went around and stuck these everywhere. They did the trick… but I’m glad that the kids are old enough not to need them now because they’re not the prettiest things! Haha #blogcrush

    1. Baby proofing items haven’t come a long way as home decor, but they sure do the trick! The corner covers have saved me a time or two!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  12. My little one was far too clever as a baby and still got into the kitchen cupboards, despite my best efforts! Thanks so much for sharing with #TriumphantTales!

    1. They’re sneaky little ones! Mine has gotten the cabinets open a few times and has been walking around with big heavy pans before I discover her! Still don’t know how she does it!
      Thanks for stopping by, Jaki!

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