How To: Make Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments

How To: Make Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments

Santa Claus is on his way and it’s time to bake some cinnamon applesauce ornaments! Yes! BAKE ornaments!

This has become a staple in my Christmas decorating season each year…yes, it can take me a whole season to put up four trees, ten wreaths, multiple sets of garland, wall decor, thousands of ornaments and small touches all over… I have a problem, I know.

WARNING: Your house is going to smell AMAZING!

magical mama blog ingredients cinnamon applesauce ornaments christmas tree decor cookie cutters rolling pin

What we’ll need

Applesauce (1 cup)

Ground Cinnamon (1 cup + extra)

Ground Nutmeg (a few shakes) – optional

Festive Cookie Cutters


String or ribbon

Head over to the spice aisle and grab the biggest container of ground cinnamon that you can find… I get mine at Sam’s Club. Grab a few snack tubs of applesauce or spring for the big tub!

Head home, throw on a family Christmas movie or two, and get to work!

magical mama blog cinnamon applesauce ornaments ingredients cookie cutters rolling pin


Mix together 1 cup of applesauce and a heaping cup of ground cinnamon in a bowl.  ( I like to throw in a bit of ground nutmeg for an even warmer and more delicious scent)

Once you get a good dough forming, throw down ground cinnamon and roll out your dough.  If your dough is sticking to your pin, add more cinnamon.  If your dough is crumbling, add more applesauce.

Your hands are going to be nasty!  But worry not,  mine have never been stained, they just require a good wash.

magical mama blog cinnamon applesauce ornaments dough roller cookie cutters christmas tree


Roll out to about 1/8″ thick and go to town with your cookie cutters.  Continue to roll out your scraps.  I can usually make about 24-26 ornaments with one batch.

Lay on parchment paper on a cookie sheet.  Take a straw and form holes where you can hang your ornaments.

magical mama blog cinnamon applesauce ornaments on cookie sheet bake baking christmas tree


Throw in the oven on 200 degrees for an hour or until completely hardened. (This is when you’ll want to bathe in the warm smell of your home!)

They’ll be done when they’re completely dry.  If they feel moist on the bottom, throw them back in.  You don’t want mildew hanging on your tree!

Take out and let cool.  After baking at 200, you can practically touch them right out of the oven.

(This is the point that you can decorate with icing if you’d like to and let it dry overnight.)

magical mama blog applesauce cinnamon ornaments baked christmas tree

magical mama blog cinnamon applesauce ornaments ribbon christmas tree


Loop String through the holes you created and hang on your tree or garland.  I like to hang them higher up because we have a Bloodhound and a Bulldog that will eat them if given the opportunity.

These beauties will last the whole season and you’ll get endless compliments!  Be sure to send friends our way for instructions!

magical mama blog tree christmas applesauce cinnamon ornaments

magical mama blog cinnamon applesauce ornaments christmas tree

magical mama blog christmas tree cinnamon applesauce ornaments


Happy Baking and Happy Holidays!

How To Make Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments Magical Mama Blog

magical mama blog cinnamon applesauce ornaments christmas decor tree ideas how to

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  1. That looks so fun and I bet they smell delicious. I was looking for projects to do while my kids are home from school and we will definitely do this one!

    1. It’s incredibly easy! Just 2 ingredients, a bowl, a rolling pin, and cookie cutters. It’s a great way to let them get their hands messy and you get something fabulous in the end! Be sure to take pictures!

  2. I’m glad I could bring something new to the table! Especially something that smells this delicious! They’re great because they look like gingerbread and they make your house smell like warm apple pie!

    1. They’re great! So easy to make and such a fabulous addition to decor! Not to mention how incredible they make your house smell!

  3. That’s an interesting idea. Do you purposely just use cinnamon and apple sauce? Seems like it requires loads of cinnamon to make the dough. Since cinnamon can be expensive (depending where you are — It is very expensive here), you can substitute some of it with regular flour. You can also add ground ginger if you like the smells.

    1. Yes, I do that on purpose. Cinnamon is pretty cheap here so it’s about $4 to make 2 dozen ornaments. I have never tried it with anything else, but I’m sure as long as you got a good consistency of dough, it would work with just about anything.

  4. They look fabulous and they’re so easy! Definitely give them a try! It’s not an expensive or time consuming project.

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