How To Keep Baby Healthy in Winter

Magical Mama Blog How To Keep Baby Healthy in Winter

How To Keep Baby Healthy in Winter

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It is cold and flu season…and RSV…and Croup… and a ton of other awful sickness that can attack your little defenseless baby.  As a mom, I want to do everything I can to protect my little one from the terrible viruses, bacteria, and diseases that are looming out in the winter.

  • Wash Hands

Make sure your family and any guests are washing their hands before handling baby and on a religious basis.  Adults and kids can be carriers of germs that their own bodies can fight off but can be quite dangerous to your itty bitty one.

  • Cool Mist Humidifier

When you have the heater on to keep your home nice and toasty, it dries out the air in your house causing your little one’s sensitive airways to get angry.  A cool mist humidifier will moisturize the air to keep baby’s nose and throat nice as comfortable and prevent the build up of mucus.

  • Disinfect Toys

Toys can be a breeding ground for growing bacteria.  To keep baby well, or help baby get better if they’re already ill, clean and disinfect toys more than normal in the winter time.  Check out my toy disinfectant and wash here.

  • Dressing Warm

When you’re heading out for a walk or outside for any reason, be sure baby is nice and toasty.  Tiny babies can lose heat through their heads very quickly.  Be sure to have a hat on, some nice thick socks, check for gaps between socks & pants.

As a general  rule, put baby in one more layer than you have on.

Check hands and feet often and add mittens and extra socks as needed.

If you fear baby is over dressed, check their upper back and back of their neck.  If it is sweaty, take a layer off.

  • Sleeping Warm

DO NOT put blankets in a crib with baby if it is chilly.  Turn on the heater, put them in fleece pajamas, add extra socks, or throw them in a fleece sleeper.

  • Staying Warm in the Car

DO NOT put baby in their car seat with large jackets on.  If you live in an area that gets to freezing, Put baby in their car seat inside, cover them with blankets, get the car heated up, then take baby out to the car.

If you are getting into the car from being out in the cold, turn on the car, jump in the backseat with baby, let the car heat up, remove their outerwear, get them into their car seat and snuggle them up safely with blankets.

  • Moisturize Skin

Sensitive baby skin can have a hard time in the winter as it can lose moisture quickly and adding in crisp cold air outside and dry hot air from heaters.

Using a sensitive baby lotion, petroleum jelly, or coconut oil can help baby’s skin soak up some moisture.  An oatmeal bath wash can also soothe chafed and broken skin.

  • Extra Fluids

Let your baby drink away.  Extra fluids help to thin mucus as well as keep baby hydrated.  Breast milk is the best fluid for baby.  If you have an extra frozen, use it!

Formula on the menu? Have extra ready!  Is baby old enough for juice or water? Have the sippy cup full at all times!  Don’t focus on how many ounces they “have to have” and let your baby drink as they need.

Products to help you get through the Winter

  • Cool Steam Humidifier

We have this model and it has worked wonders for our little baby this winter.  Her Croup came and went in a flash thanks to this baby.  When she couldn’t sleep, we turned the star light on and that calmed her down.

The thing that sets this humidifier apart from all others is the fact that is has “invisible steam” so you can’t feel any actual water or see any steam coming out while it moisturizes the air.  With all other humidifiers, after being used every night, the table they were on was practically destroyed and the carpet around them was soaked.

This is also the most quiet humidifier I have ever come across!

(With all humidifiers, be sure to read care and cleaning instructions.  You want it to have the longest running life possible and you also want to be sure it is producing sanitary steam.)


  • Little Remedies Saline Drops

This stuff works wonders!  Your baby can wake up with nostril full of crusty boogers and as soon as you throw one or two drops in, the snot is flowing out!


  • Nose Frida

This magical device has saved us a lot of sleep.  When baby is clogged with snot and having trouble breathing, there’s not much you can do…if you hold up a tissue and tell them to blow, you’re out of luck.

This nasty, yet brilliant, invention lets you clear out their airways!

  • Baby safe Vapor Rub


I put a small dab on the bottom of each foot, give a little massage, then cover with socks for the night.  My baby’s coughs virtually disappear with this trick.

  • Good Ear Thermometer

After baby came home, we tried to do the regular thermometer in the armpit and the pacifier thermometer.  Both were decent options…other than the fact that they both took FOREVER to render results and were very inaccurate.

While the forehead thermometer promises better results, it’s highly inaccurate as well.

This little baby is what they use at the pediatrician.  It will give you an accurate read in about 1-2 seconds.  Can be used on people of any age.

Amazing investment.

  • Fleece Sleep Sack

A wearable blanket that baby can’t strangle themselves in.  My baby rocked these all of last winter when she was an itty bitty preemie sized pea pod and they were a life saver.  Kept her toasty and safe.

If baby is wearing toasty jammies and just needs a little boost of heat, they also have a sleeveless option.

  • Fleece Zip Up Jammies

My baby rocks these babies every night!  (I would too if it weren’t for the fact that getting up 30 times to pee gets incredibly inconvenient.)

And there you have it!  Keep your baby safe, toasty, and healthy all this winter season!

How To Keep Baby Healthy in Winter strategies and products that will keep your child healthy this winter!  Magical Mama Blog

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  1. Very good tips. My niece just announced she is going to have a baby next summer. So we are beyond thrilled. Sharing these tips for her. Thanks for joining the Dishing It & Digging It Link Party. Hope you had fun and made some new friends. Merry Christmas!

    1. Congratulations on your great aunt status! Thank you so much! Hope she has a healthy little one! Happy Holidays!

  2. Maybe “baby” is 6 now, but I remember using many of these tips with him. This is a great list, though, and I wish I would’ve had it when he was younger!

  3. Wash Hands!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!

    I have a background in microbiology and it is amazing how simple it is to keep from getting sick – just by washing your hands.

    A lot of people rely on hand sanitizer, but it doesn’t work on dirty hands and it kills the good bacteria on our hands that keep us healthy.

    1. Thank you! It’s crazy to me how many people don’t believe how much washing your hands makes a difference! Please keep spreading the word!

  4. I wish I’d have used a Nose Frida with my boys! I watched someone use it the other day & I was blown away. Great product to clean their little noses!

  5. I’ve heard about the Nose Frida, and have wondered if there is an adult version lol! It is kind of gross, but I can only imagine how much it must help little ones who can’t blow their noses.

    1. The concept is nasty, but once you use it and realize that there is no way snot is getting into your mouth, you get over it. I don’t see why you couldn’t use it on yourself.
      It’s an amazing product that I keep at the ready at all times!

  6. Love this list. We live in Northern Minnesota, and even though we keep the house cozy, it still gets cold at night. The Halo Sleep Sacks are AMAZING for keeping our guy snuggly without overheating him. Thanks for a great blog!

  7. So many great tips, my boys always really suffer with snotty noses and bad chests in the winter. My baby had his mucus sucked out with one of those sucky things I hospital, not nice at all but they work xx#blogcrush

    1. Thank you! Mine is prone to a gunky nose, but if it’s keeping her up at night, a quick stab with the Nose Frida helps clear out her airways and let us all get some rest.

  8. Such great tips and products here, I’ve never a humidifier before but have heard very good things about them #fortheloveofBLOG

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