Why All New Moms NEED Baskets

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Oh baby!

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

No matter which way you brought your baby into this world, your body has been through the wringer and you’re about to lose a lot of sleep.

The last thing you want to do is take 5 minutes to slowly sit down and get comfy sinking into the couch with your sleeping baby on you…then they wake up and want to eat, but you left your burp cloth in the bedroom on the rocker!  Dash it all!

Baskets, tubs, and bins to the rescue!

Breastfeeding Station

Having a few small baskets with breastfeeding supplies in each of your favorite nursing locations is going to change your world.

I kept a small basket next to my rocker in our bedroom and one next to a corner of the couch that became our little spot.

Things to keep in your nursing basket:

    • Burp cloth…a few of them.  Those magical days that your little one decides to immediately vomit everything they ate right back onto themselves, or the couch, or you.  Be prepared to wipe up a sizable puddle.
    • An extra onesie.  If they spit up in the mid-session burping and get themselves slimy, you can get them comfortable for the rest of your nursing session without a huge interruption.
    • Shield.  If you use them, get multiples, keep them everywhere.  There will be days that you will swear you lost it, then you’ll find that transparent little wonder in the underbelly of your nursing bra or hidden in a couch cushion.  If you need one, don’t force yourself to be without it.
    • Cream. Your kid has been latched to you for about 48 hours straight?  Your girls will be sensitive.  Have that cream at easy reach!
    • Breast pads.  Nothing like leaky boobs to put a damper on your day.  Have some pads ready even if you don’t normally need them.  They sometimes decide to be geysers.
    • Phone charger.  If you’re scrolling through Pinterest/Amazon, texting another mom for support…or for  company to keep you awake, or working on your mom blog/work e-mails, you don’t want to be stuck for 45 minutes in one place while you watch your phone die.  Have a charger handy to keep you amused and comfortable.
    • Feeding notebook to keep track of feedings day and night since your pediatrician WILL ask at every doctor’s appointment.
    • Water bottles.  Staying hydrated is one of the most important ways you can keep up your supply.  Being hydrated also made a huge difference in how I was mentally handling the day.
    • Mom snack.  You’re a new mom so focused on taking care of your little bundle of joy, you WILL forget to feed yourself.
    • Cover.  You never know when excited friends and family will burst through the door while you have your chest out for all to see… That UPS man delivering your Amazon packages you ordered during that long night of nursing isn’t expecting a full show.  A cover is also great to keep you an baby toasty warm.  I had my little one in December.  It was snowing outside and having your chest out was a bit nippy! (pun intended)

Diaper Changing Station

You spent weeks nesting and creating your perfect little changing station in their perfect little nursery.

Now baby is here and you don’t always feel like going all the way to their room once an hour to change those delightful newborn diapers.

Do yourself a favor, especially if you have a multi-level home, and make yourself a few baskets to have diaper changing supplies around your home.

Things to keep in your diaper changing basket:

  • Baby blanket.  You got about a million cute blankets at your shower, put them to use.  When you don’t feel like going in to use their changing pad 15 times per day, lay out a blanket to put baby on just in case.
  • Extra onesie/jammies.  There WILL be blowouts and spit up.  Have an extra something for them to wear.
  • Diapers.  Obviously.  Just make sure you keep it well stocked and change out all of your diaper stations when baby changes diaper sizes.
  • Wipes. I still have packs of wipes all over my house.  With a toddler running around, you may start a diaper change in one room and finish it in another.
  • Cream.  Diaper rash can strike out of nowhere and you want to soothe it as soon as possible and keep it under control.
  • Lotion.  Baby skin can get dry quick!  Diaper changes are great times to give them a look over for signs of dry skin or eczema, lotion them up, then get them right back into clothes.  (Check out my post on treating mild eczema!)
  • Log notebook to keep track of wet and dirty diapers each day…because your pediatrician WILL ask about this too.

Bathroom station

If you performed the miracle of childbirth with your downstairs, bathroom trips are an event for you for quite a while.

The best thing you can do is be prepared with a basket full of supplies in ALL OF YOUR BATHROOMS!

It sucks when your other half is showering in your locked bathroom and you’re about to explode but you have none of your supplies.

Make sure you have the supplies to keep you comfortable!

I also love that when you have all your supplies in a bin, you can easily tuck it away in a cabinet and it’s out of sight for guests or your own peace of mind.

Things to keep in your bathroom basket:

    • Peri Bottle.  Steal at least one from the hospital!  Steal as much from the hospital as you can!  Always make a plan to run the faucet for a minute to get yourself some nice warm water to clean yourself up.  You don’t want the shock of cold water.
    • Dermaplast.  This stuff is magical numbing spray from the Gods!  Have a can in your basket and a back up in the cabinet!
    • Witchhazel Pads or Wipes.  Witchhazel is a lovely liquid that has been used for hundreds of years in folk medicine for scars, bruises, swelling, tearing, and to hydrate skin.  The hospital provided me with the magical pads but they were not available in any stores around us, so I used the wipes and they were just as effective.
    • Pads.  Steal as many of the gigantor ones from the hospital as you can!  The hospital wouldn’t refill my bathroom supply until it was gone…so I would throw half of them in my overnight bag each time they refilled it!
      Some hospitals still use the ice pack pads that have the break and cool technology.  Take those! Take as many as you can get your hands on!
      If you haven’t already made yourself some freezer pads with aloe and witch-hazel, do it now!
      You can also wet a newborn diaper and freeze it.  That’s what my hospital gave me as ice packs.  Some days, you just need to be numb down there and the meds are not enough!
    • Extra underwear mesh or regular.  Mesh chonies are another thing I nabbed from the hospital.  Any pressure of any kind even from big old granny panties was too much.  Always have an extra pair at easy reach.  If you need to change them, you don’t want to journey across the house to dig through a drawer.
    • Stool softeners.  Yes, we’re going there.  After you push a baby out, pushing anything else out is not the business.  If they offer them to you at the hospital, take them.  If you get home and don’t have any, send someone who is asking how they can help to grab you some.  You’ll need all the help you can get in that area.


Babies come with a lot of accessories.  Once your friends and family find out a little one is on the way, you will be showered with toys, clothes, and miniature accessories.

Storage baskets can house:

  • the million swaddle/receiving blankets you’re about to own
  • hats
  • socks
  • shoes
  • bottle pieces
  • pump pieces
  • clothes
  • toys
  • crib sheets
  • manuals for all the toys, car seats, strollers, etc.
  • burp cloths
  • diapers
  • wipes
  • creams
  • baby bath supplies (towels, wash, brush, wash cloths)

You won’t have enough drawers to house each thing separately. If things are in an easily movable container, you can put it where it is convenient for you at any given time.

You can pull your blanket/burp cloth/bath baskets out when you are folding laundry to have them separated to where they belong right then and there.

Why all new moms NEED baskets

Baskets!  Baskets!

I adore organization and making life easier for yourself, especially as a new mommy.

Take the time while you’re nesting to add some fabulous baskets to your home and routine.

But be sure to avoid these 10 Nesting Mistakes!

Congrats on your bundle of joy and my the odds be ever in your favor these first few weeks!


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  1. Where were you when I needed you 6 years ago?! 😄 Great, invaluable tips! Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales – see you next week, I hope!

    1. I wish I would have been blogging back then and having babies back then so I could have helped out! I hope a bunch of new moms get to see this and I hope it makes life just a touch easier for them!
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Jaki!

    1. Yes! The car baskets are the best! I wasn’t great with remembering to switch out my diapers and clothes in my car baskets, so I have since removed them from my car, but I’m sure they’ll make an appearance again some day!
      Thanks for stopping by, Tracy!

    1. Super helpful to have everything you need at an arm’s reach. I also love using them as a quick junk pick up and then everything that needs to get put away can be held with a hand or two instead of overflowing from both arms.
      Thank you for stopping by, Sarah!

    1. You can never have too many! Even when they little ones grow, they can use them as closet storage, gathering spots for the junk that needs to be taken back to their room, and you can use them for remotes, cords…the opportunities to get use out of baskets is endless!
      Thanks for stopping by, Helena!

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